Local Retail and Online Shop – Package Deliveries

Gives both e- retailers and online shoppers a safe ground to trade. We provide storage, pick, pack and dispatch services, mainly for e-Commerce businesses that are looking for a total solution for their multi-channel retailing

  • Express Deliveries within 1hr – 24hrs
  • Sent through Express Messengers / Our partners
  • All packages before 5pam are dispatched same day
  • Proofs of Delivery signatures (PODs) are instantly available and can be sent to you via SMS or Telephone.
  • You are always kept informed of any issues such as traffic problems.



Delivery Solutions for Local Retailers and Online Shops

Express Messengers is equipped with bike messengers to service the C.B.D section of larger Nairobi City.

With same day bike messengers providing the pickup and delivery of your lightweight packages, you no longer have to worry with traffic problems and fuel charges. Let Express Messengers team of Bike Messengers delivers for you

Whether you need products delivered or picked in and out of town, we’re here for you. Request us to set up you e-commerce account and have our Delivery mobile app that lets you request fast, reliable delivery

We are focused and tailored our services in serving local businesses in Nairobi.

We are a very cost effective same day delivery company in Nairobi. We also serve Surrounding Suburbs.

We focus on your delivery timelines and pocket-friendly prices.

For urgent response delivery solutions. We have an in house dedicated courier team of bike messengers, motorbikes as well as exclusive drivers that work and report directly to you.

Since we charge by the shipment and not by the box, we save you money compared to other next day carriers.

We are licensed by all relevant authorities as courier business

With the help of a service that will let you ship your boxes, you won’t need to worry about getting the boxes to the post office by yourself.

You also will have to deal with a ton less shipping paperwork. This will give you the time and energy you need to focus on other things to make your business grow.

Even if cost and saving money is your top priority, it’s likely that speed is also a factor in how you’re going to ship your heavy boxes. After all, you don’t want to keep the person on the other end of the shipping route waiting, especially if they paid their own hard-earned money for your goods.

Express same-day Courier Company in Kenya makes sure that your package gets to where it’s going, and fast.