Bulk Deliveries

  • Deliveries within 24hrs
  • Sent through Express Messengers / Our partners
  • All packages before 5pam are dispatched same day
  • Proofs of Delivery signatures (PODs) are instantly available and can be sent to you via SMS or Telephone.
  • You are always kept informed of any issues such as traffic problems.



DEFFERED SERVICES (Next Day Deliveries)

We help in fast delivery within Nairobi for any size of item

Do you need to deliver / send high volumes of parcels/packages and products on a daily basis?

EXPRESS MESSENGERS helps a wide range of businesses save time and money on their bulk distribution needsExpress Messengers is a multi-carrier solution, which gives customers across the Nairobi and Mombasa access to discounted rates thus helping you save money.
We also utilize the large transportation infrastructure and network to schedule and optimize deliveries.

Helping you in Business Logistics

We are tirelessly working to integrate seamlessly with your e-Commerce platform,In addition to the ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates and ground-breaking carrier management, Express Messengers also provides customer services and support from our dedicated online tracking of deliveries

Partner with Express Courier company in Nairobi to streamline your Business workflow.

We employ a technology that is flexible for you to choose the best option based on either cost or service for each delivery; We start from 30 mins fast deliveries to   Next day priority, timed, 2-3 day economy, residential, business, domestic, small or large…we strive to give you solutions you are looking for whilst benefiting from pooled volume discounted prices

Express Messenger is one the best Courier Service company within Nairobi, We combine technology and our years of expertise to help you make business workflow be easier, we make timely fast deliveries. With our mobile app Clients using our apps can get Fast, reliable, and affordable Deliveries.

Same Day Pick and Delivery of Packages

At Express Messengers we offer same hour to same day pickup and delivery services. We

The transportation capacity to ship anything from an envelope up to helping you migrate an entire office or home.

By simple calls or few clicks using express deliveries mobile apps, our drivers, riders, carrier, and messengers are able to pick up anytime anywhere and deliver within, outside town, to suburbs surrounding Nairobi, or even across the country.

We strive to provide fast Courier and shipping services for business in Nairobi, that is affordable and reliable

Express Local Courier Partner Program

Express messengers offer premium accounts where customers can access our riders and services within an hour and deliveries made within Nairobi.

These works particular well for companies and businesses with deliveries that have unforgiving time deadlines. Deliveries for Groceries, Delivery for online shopping, Pharmaceutical Deliveries in Kenya   The Pickup and delivery takes between 30Min to within 3 hours. We’ll deliver one to 30 items