Deliveries tailored for legal firms and lawyers within Nairobi

Same Day Fast and Reliable Customised to suit your needs.

  • Court Filings deliveries
  • Corporate and Civil Process Serves with proof of delivery from clients
  • Document Retrieval from companies or clients or from courts
  • Notary Public Service
  • egal notices Delivery and Pick Up



Deliveries tailored for legal firms and lawyers within Nairobi

Need help with making fast and reliable delivery within Nairobi for your law firm or your legal business? We are here to help

Try our fast delivery services from Express Messengers, the best courier solutions provider in Nairobi We provide legal delivery service in Nairobi and its Environs for Lawyers and state courts.  Express Messengers uses a team of over 40 professionally trained personnel who represent you well and have earned the trust of many major law firms by providing well over 1,000 legal delivery services each month.

Our commitment is to provide you access to the best legal delivery personnel in Nairobi with the highest level of professionalism whether your legal delivery needs are daily, weekly, or occasional. Our professionals can pick up your documents quickly and get your case filed on time, correctly, every time


This service is conducted by professionals with experience legal field and trained office messengers

  • Issue of Documents: Collection, Issue at court and return office stamped copy
  • Issue and deliver: Collect, Issue, Deliver to Sheriff and return office stamped copy
  • Filing of Documents: Collect, Filing of process and return office stamped copy
  • Serving of Documents: Collect, Serve and return office stamped copy
    Serving and Filing: Collect, Serve, File and return office stamped copy
  • Issue, Serve and File: Collect, Issue at court, Serve, File at court and return office stamped copy
  • Service can be done on one or more addresses. Case numbers, party details and file references will be recorded on your account

With this volume of legal deliveries, we are very knowledgeable with the locations, hours, and protocol for Nairobi’s courts.

Legal Documents collections and deliveries Express Messengers Deliveries within Nairobi

In addition, our legal couriers can handle your legal documents. We can make sure they get to where they need to go, even if they need a signature. You want to rely on professionals for these types of delivery service, and that is just what we are able to offer.

We also can deliver affidavits and statements, motion filing, same day filings in the courthouse, and much more. In Cook county forgetting to pay a ticket requires a Nairobi in person and process the fee.

We can also transport boxes of discovery and trial exhibits if needed. We can deliver to places Courts, to clients, to companies to hospitals and much more.