Pharmaceutical courier services within Nairobi, Kenya

Pharmaceutical courier services within Nairobi, Kenya

Express messengers limited offers pharmaceutical courier services for hospitals, wholesalers as well as retailers. Express messenger’s limited pharmaceutical courier service offers a variety of benefits from the reliability and convenience of delivering medication to discharged patients at home to improving stock management and efficiency for wholesaler suppliers.

This helps in the growth of the business by creating a clear network and a circuit where the business revolves around. Thus, in turn, puts the business at a better competitive edge in the sector.

We assist the business to create better coordination in supply and logistics, by partnering with us you eventually become the most preferred supplier of pharmaceutical products and other assets in the healthcare sector. 

Drugs, medical supplies, and Equipment have a significant impact on a patient’s healthcare and account for a high proportion of health care costs.

Health care services need to make informed decisions about what to buy and means of transport in order to meet the priority of better health care needs as well as avoid wastage of inadequate resources.

All our deliveries are important, but we understand that a pharmaceutical courier delivery is critical. Express messengers limited has the expertise to ensure that pharmaceuticals arrive on time, intact and at the defined required temperature.

Our pharmaceutical courier services team provides safe, reliable, and timely transport of all products conveniently.

Many organisations have provided information about the essential drugs but less information is available on the management issues that make medical and pharmaceutical logistics unique, complex and challenging task.

Since the end customers are responsible for the lives and health of patients, medical logistics is unique in that it seeks to optimize effectiveness rather than efficiency.

If a logistics system provides a reliable supply of commodities, more people are likely to use health services. Customers feel more confident about the health program when they have a constant supply of commodities. It motivates them to seek and use services.

Strategically aligned, safe and efficiently implemented medical and pharmaceutical logistics can set apart a business and/or medical Centre from its competitors, lower costs, increase revenue and thus aid them to generate a greater value for patients and customers and ultimately increase profits. Therefore, logistics play a greater role in success of any kind of business and should be properly integrated into the business.

Medical logistics is a success factor, thus there is need of health sector align to align themselves with an efficient and effective pharmaceutical courier services in order to perfectly meet the growth and medical needs of patients.

The goal of a pharmaceutical delivery system is much larger than simply making sure a product gets where it needs to go. Ultimately, the goal of every logistics system is to help ensure that every customer has commodity security. Commodity security exists when every person is able to obtain and use quality essential products whenever he or she needs them. A properly functioning courier service is a critical part of ensuring commodity security; reliability, safety and commitment are also necessary.

Efficient deliveries not only ensure commodity security but also promote the success of business. Both businesses and decision makers put more efforts on the logistics part of the business because its improvement brings important and quantifiable benefits.

Health sector improvement has become one of the main focuses of the government. In order to achieve this goal, there is need of a full range of interventions, including health systems supporting and strengthening proper, sufficient and timely transportation, delivery and warehousing medical supplies as well as pharmaceutical products. In attempt improve this crucial sector of healthcare, there is need of a proper and fully functioning pharmaceutical sector. This in turn requires a proper coordination between two these important arms with a reliable pharmaceutical courier company.  Pharmaceutical couriers have evolved to become a critical component to the global healthcare industry. They must meet the diverse and fluctuating needs of medical facilities and private sector healthcare companies. Their essential duty is to efficiently move drugs and other high-value assets to and from patient care and service locations for delivery.

At Express messengers limited we understand that healthcare is a very crucial and critical sector since it is responsible to wellbeing and health of people and patients around all phases of life. Therefore, you cannot afford to gamble or take risks with your courier company. We help you come up with efficient, customized and scalable solutions for your courier needs.  With our intensive knowledge of the industry coupled with expertise as well as specialized training, we ensure that you have all required tools tool to achieve maximum targets and goals.

Transportation and delivery of pharmaceutical products is exceptionally a tough task. Partnering with us relieves you the stress of logistics and give you peace of mind since you are sure that the products will get to their destination timely, safe from any damage and contamination since our team ensures the products are handled with utmost care.

In Emergency situations, which requires pharmaceutical products be picked and/or delivered within the shortest time possible. We have a reliable team that ensures the products are picked up and delivered within the scheduled time. This increases the confidence that you can always rely on our services at all times and the products will reach their destination within the required timeframe. When you partner with us, we give you peace of mind in knowledge that when using our courier services, all you deliveries will be handled with a lot of professionalism and that your goods will reach their destination within the scheduled time.

We are perfectly placed to help business select, procure, store, or distribute products to meet customer needs. Storekeepers do not store drugs just for the purpose of storing; they store products to ensure that commodity security exists for every customer to obtain and use the health commodities when they need them. In addition to serving the needs of the end customer-the customer seeking health services- each person in the process is also serving the needs of more immediate customers. We customer services are met thus it contributes to excellent customer service and to ensuring commodity security.

Delivery and logistics is our specialty. We are equipped to offer smart solutions and ensure we can at all-time meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. When you partner with us we ensure you derive the best out of our commitment. The benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency

At express messengers, we have scheduled, fast pick up and dispatching capabilities to help in the delivery of all pharmaceutical products and other valuable assets in the health care system. As result pharmacies and health care providers using our pharmaceutical services are able to deliver reliably as well as streamline operations when efficiency increases.

  • Accurate and on-time deliveries

While using our pharmaceutical services, we ensure that you are able to effortlessly move your products to their destination with accuracy and no delays. In specific situations, we can move even faster products that are time-sensitive. We provide a wide range of solutions that ensures speed and precision.

  • Affordable prices

At Express, we offer our unrivaled services at competitive and relative rates. This will lower your logistics cost and thus increase revenue. Our services are the best than any other and our prices are very affordable. When you partner with us you are sure to derive the most out of our commitment.

  • Safety and elimination of human error

Most of the cases in the health care are preventable mistakes and most of them narrow down to the handling of drugs and other assets as well as human error. Doctors and pharmacists understand the level of human error and poor handling of health products, which is why they cannot take risks with the courier company they use for logistics. At express messengers, we remain focused in meeting the ever-changing needs in the health sector while reducing potential human errors.  We ensure utmost safety is adhered to and that pharmaceutical products are handled with care. Therefore, Express messengers are the best logistics management platform that will help you achieve your target and desired goals.

Since inception, Express messengers have been providing a wide range of delivery options to cater to customer’s needs by providing the best pharmaceutical services with the highest security and professional handling to doctors and pharmacists. Our clients’ have come to rely upon our level of professionalism, excellence, and dedication to build a significant level of trust, whether it is a stat call involving a medical delivery or an urgent document, their delivery always arrives at its destination on time.

Our reliability has also enabled our clients clear visibility and control over their customers’ demand of their deliveries. Our clients have been able to reap big from our increased speed of delivery, safety, reliability, better customer services and retention while streamlining their operation. When looking to outsource logistics and delivery services. Partner with us to benefit from our best services, we achieve this by reducing costs throughout the supply chain and consistently delivering the highest standards in service, quality and efficiency and supporting our clients’ growth in an ever-changing market. Whether you are growing rapidly, changing facilities or switching distribution channels, we seamlessly support your operations throughout the process, in your timeframe.

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