Overnight delivery services in Nairobi Kenya

Overnight delivery services in Nairobi Kenya 

Express messengers limited are one of the committed courier company Kenya.

We make overnight, on-time and guaranteed deliveries in Kenya than anyone else. We have a variety of choices on overnight delivery options to suit your time-definite delivery needs.


We have a clear network that has specialized in a choice of reliable options and timely deliveries. Express messengers limited collects, routes and delivers thousands of parcels each month and has an unrivaled on-time delivery record.

The network is unique; we have a reliable team and a strong management that share the same philosophy. Last-minute delivery of goods is made possible with next day delivery services, which means that you can get those important items where they need to be without having to worry too much about time constraints.

At express messengers limited we have implemented a multi-channel distribution as well as affordable cashless payments directly to the company to improve our efficiency.

Our main focus is to minimize the logistics cost and the stress that come with this process thus, giving our clients peace of mind.

We endeavor to provide unbeatable services at the lowest cost. We offer quality services while using our courier you are sure to enjoy; fast and on-time deliveries, less loss ratio (no damage to products) and the effectiveness of deliveries.

When your partner wit*h us, we ensure that your business receives and delivers important packages on time which in turn helps you build efficiency and credibility in your business. Providing outstanding customer service is not only based on how you treat your clients but on how capable you are of supplying your goods and services.

At express messengers, we have leveraged ourselves to be the best messengers to deliver packages.

We utilize less expensive and more flexible modes of transport; mass transit and bikes to make deliveries. Retailers have partnered with us to offers these services by providing a more flexible way to transport their products from one place to another.

This strategy has been beneficial to retailers that do not have enough volume to make shipping with trucks/couriers economically feasible. We also understand that the professionalism of the delivery person is important. Ultimately, the professionalism of the delivery provider directly reflects on the retailer.

Receiving a package is often the last step of a consumers’ purchase experience, and therefore has the ability to leave the strongest impression-good or bad. Therefore we focus in to provide professional services to all our clients; our entire delivery persons are trained on customer care services and how to handle client’s products. Our team will handle your goods with professionalism and ensure that they reach their destination by the specified time.

Our overnight services run alongside our same day services and offer our clients a wide range of services capable of covering all our customers’ needs.

Overnight deliveries are a very cost-effective way of moving non-urgent goods across the country. As part of the services offered through our overnight systems, we can provide a variety of flexible services running through the next day’s deliveries.

Are you looking for a reliable overnight-courier?

No matter whether you’re after flexible express services as a business customer or fast and punctual shipping as a private customer, Express messengers limited offers an extensive range of smart logistics solutions for all shipments. This applies to local courier, express and package shipments as well as industry-specific shipping services. Our overnight-courier services ensure that urgent shipments reach their destination the next day at the latest. In special urgent cases, we move the even faster.

When using our overnight courier services you’ll never have to worry about getting packages delivered late, just as long as you take advantage of these benefits of overnight delivery:


Overnight delivery is convenient for time-sensitive shipments that need to be delivered at the beginning of the day. No matter what industry your business is in, take advantage of this delivery method so that your important packages are delivered by morning at your earliest convenience.

Customer Loyalty

Not only is overnight delivery convenient for you, but it is also convenient for your customers, as well. Knowing your business is fully stocked gives them the incentive to return, whereas consistently being out of stock can turn them away. What better way to maintain customer loyalty than to ensure your business has all the necessary goods available right when your customer needs them? If you need a package shipped to your customer, ensuring its speedy arrival is the best way to gain their trust.

Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping packages can get expensive, especially when you use other means of transport. At Express messengers, located in Nairobi which is the heart of the Kenyan Economy, we offer services and prices incomparable to our competition.

Logistics is present in the operational activity of almost every business and organization. Originally it is defined only as of the flow of raw materials and products, but currently, it provides more and more functions. The customer wants the needed product to be delivered in the right place, time and in the right quantity. For this purpose, a broadly defined area of logistics focuses on transport.

Growth of logistics is very intensive, and companies in this industry have a competitive advantage in both the local and global market.

Transport is one of the barometers of the economy. It is responsible for the exploitation of raw materials and the flow of goods within a given economy. Thus, it is very essential since its demand represents the supply of products in the economy.

Transport is also recognized as one of the most important factors affecting the development of economic activity and overall economic development. If transport operates in an efficient and organized way, other sections of the national economy also do not record dysfunctions.

Unaffected activity of transport, shipping and logistics sectors needs limiting the negative factors that can interfere with its proper functioning. Therefore, for the economy to attain its maximum growth there is a need for a functioning logistics industry. This requires that the government support this industry by creating coherent policies for this sector of the economy.

Significant function of most courier services is very similar. Its core is based on the organization of the logistics process, in such a way that shipment is picked up from any place of shipment and delivered to any destination.

In practice, it means that neither sender nor recipient does not have to move from their permanent place of residence to exchange goods. The process of deliveries is carried out in an organized and consistent way. When we want to send a shipment we inform Courier Company about it.

Courier companies have devised different forms of information exchange. We can do it by telephone notification, text message, e-mail, website as well as using mobile applications.

Clearly, delivery options and quality play a major role in consumers’ purchase decisions. When done right, retailers stand to gain a lot, from attracting new customers to encouraging loyalty. But getting delivery right isn’t easy. It requires the ability to send deliveries out quickly in a professional manner without compromising quality.

Drop off helps businesses meet (and exceed) delivery expectations by providing the kind of service that represents retailers in the best light possible. With features like real-time tracking (for both businesses and their customers), flexible delivery options, and assured professionalism Drop off gives businesses the peace of mind that their product and customers are in good hands.

The parcel delivery market has grown over time in Kenya. Thousands of parcels are moved every month across the country. This has led to an increase in the number of courier companies in Kenya. At any given time a customer has to choose the range of services offered by parcel carriers based on time and space.

Companies offer a variety of options for the time it takes to deliver the parcels and/or goods to the intended destination.

The available option includes; immediate and same-day deliveries and Next day deliveries. Overnight delivery services are offered with or without guaranteed time of delivery i.e. the exact time of the day.

 In order to meet the needs of the services they offer customers in terms of time and space, carriers will devise different logistics strategies and networks.

For couriers offering immediate and same-day services, next day service is typically operated between shipper and receiver in order to meet such time constraints.

The functioning of courier companies has become very essential in the modern trade. With the advancement of the internet, there is a change in the way of doing business and the way of shopping.

Along with the development of E-commerce, courier services has also become more advanced and on a changing trend. Customers of the courier companies have become more aware of the quality they should expect from the suppliers of these services. Today’s customer is increasingly aware of its rights.

Purchasing mentality has undergone a big transformation. Customers do not buy everything that comes onto the market. The purchasing process applies to both goods and services. In addition to the increase in the prevalence of availability of goods of all kinds, it is also growing awareness about the expectations of their suppliers. The choices made are very consciously.

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