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Express messengers limited as a recognized leader in same-day delivery, messenger and transportation services offers the best corporate courier solutions.

This comes in an effort to market its’ variety of value-added services, expand its’ customer base and increase sales growth. Express messengers strive to be the best choice in same-day courier solutions in Nairobi Kenya.

Express messengers offer a variety of courier solutions for businesses and corporations. Many corporations are making strategic business plans to generate success relative to product deliveries. With its’ footprint, Express messengers have the ability to implement any same-day delivery solutions

Express messengers work with corporations, firms and financial institutions to provide secure onboard courier solutions for confidential documents and special consignment. We specialize in time-critical shipments from contracts, legal documents to credit cards.

Unlike other regular courier companies, you have peace of mind knowing that we will personally transport and escort the package from the collection point to the delivery destination and immediately returning copies of signed documents if required. With data security being an essential component in modern business, we help businesses collect and transport safely all types of equipment’s including computing components, smartphones, hard disks, and other data storage devices.

Express messengers limited Corporate Courier Service specializes in Corporate Courier service shipments for institutions and firms that require regular mailing and/or inter-office deliveries. Our Corporate couriers understand the sensitive nature and importance of time-sensitive parcel deliveries that are necessary to fulfill the requirements in the corporate industry.

When it comes to safe, dependable, on-time corporate courier service, Express messengers same day courier service is your choice. We will provide and design the best suitable solution in order to meet your most vital corporate shipping delivery courier service needs.

Our corporate courier services are a top-notch choice as we have built a stable relationship with our clients who are now in partnership with us. Our services can be booked on demand and can be expedited with the highest level of precision and reliability.

A fully functioning firm requires clear combinations of logistics processes conceivable. Safe, reliable and professional logistics are, of course, the key factors in the corporate industry. The vast array of technologies as well as process- and business-related parameters need to be optimally aligned in order to arrive at a solution that exactly meets your requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and scalability.

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As a business owner, ensuring your recipients get their shipments on time is vital. As a specialist distribution transport company, Express messengers will provide you with innovative courier solutions.  We’ll provide you with the performance; pricing and value you need to satisfy your customers and stay ahead of the competition. Express messengers secure your competitive edge by providing a comprehensive range of complete logistics solutions that meets your desired needs.

Express messengers serve a wide variety of industries and business delivery needs.  Our clients consist of hundreds of local companies and retailers to third-party logistics companies. Our company utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your delivery is where you want it when you need it. We are committed to setting high service standards, handling deliveries securely, and representing your company with professionalism. As specialists in corporate Express and Parcels Delivery, we help represent your brand to your customers. We can also bring you closer to your customers by combining operational quality, information system efficiency and effective Customer Relations services.

A scheduled same-day delivery courier solution is a service in which Express messengers can perform specific pick up and deliveries on a daily basis. The scheduled service can also be every other day or once per week. Corporations can select for their scheduled service the time the product or packages will be ready for pick up.

Scheduled services allow corporations to implement a solution for reoccurring same-day deliveries that result in increased efficiencies and peace of mind. Express messengers also offer courier route solutions, which provide corporations the ability to deliver payroll or mail to several locations.

Express messengers perform routing optimization and create a cost-effective delivery solution. Our team will go to each of the specified corporate locations on a daily or weekly basis and deliver their items. Payroll and mail is a reoccurring function with corporations, and a routing solution allows them to outsource this operation

Express messengers team handles every aspect of your corporate logistics, planning and you receive a fair cost that meets your service requirements. Our services can assist businesses across multiple industries; we have a dedicated team that is well versed with the corporate world. We understand that businesses depend on our courier services with every pick-up and drop off from the moment they call and therefore, assured that same day parcel and documents will reach their destination on time and safely.

We have a clear network that provides a high level of support required by corporate businesses. Our corporate services can handle small and large volumes of goods to any destination within Nairobi and the surrounding counties.

For any courier solution, Express messengers are available for all of our customers to make any service adjustments. Even with a corporate courier solution, companies are also able to request Express messengers to perform any on-demand same-day deliveries as well. Express messengers are a premier same-day courier service, offering transportation and distribution services. Express messengers deliver fast! As a leader in the courier industry, our goal is to perform optimal courier logistic solutions and superior customer service every time.

When you call Express messengers for same-day shipping and delivery, you’ll be speaking with an experienced professional who knows the ways of the world in regards to your expedited corporate courier shipping needs. We help you come up with the best logistic route and remain with your printed matters or parcels from pick-up to delivery, assuring that your shipment is never delayed, diverted or lost. Another advantage of courier service is the flexibility to reroute parcels. Express messengers Same Day courier is committed to providing small businesses, firms, and institutions with unparalleled courier service. Express messengers take away the hassle that business undergoes when sending parcels and documents from one place to another. Our experienced riders are just a phone call away from scheduling parcel collection at your desired pick up and drop off location.

 Call Express messengers Same Day Corporate courier Services:

When you need Same Day Corporate courier Services that are faster than your standard services offer.

Express messengers limited is determined to save your company time and money while providing dependable and professional customer service. When you rely on us, you won’t have to worry about sitting in traffic, trying to deliver a package yourself. Our courier services are customized to meet your specific needs. We offer rush services, as well as dependable time service workers.

If you aren’t sure which solution is the best answer to move your expedited same day parcel delivery?

When you call us, we advise you on the best solution for your courier needs. We also help you come up with smart solutions that will perfectly address your courier needs. This helps you best align your business to the best logistics solutions thus improving the way of doing business as well as increasing the competitive advantage.

Choose the solution that best meets your same-day corporate courier service needs.

We understand how an unexpected increase in your mailroom workload and demanding delivery schedule can cause serious financial problems for your firm. We carefully select our mailroom personnel and drivers for reliability. You must be satisfied with our people. If not, we will send you a replacement immediately. You can utilize our personnel on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We walk with you and help you establish the best solution that best addresses your delivery needs. As the best courier company in Kenya, we put our knowledge and expertise together to allow our customers to make flexible decisions. This makes it easy for them to change their minds if necessary and to adapt to alternate channels.

Express messengers have multiple options for your expedited courier service in Kenya. Therefore, you can make express messengers your courier company of choice. The company has experienced growth and success over the years; this is because our team has been able to build a strong foundation since the company inception. This growth has continued over the years because of our pledge to render timely and cost-effective courier services that meet each client’s needs. It is equally important for us to know that our clients are satisfied. Therefore, we maintain contact before and after services are rendered.

Express messengers work hard to develop a sound relationship with each client and to meet client expectations. We view ourselves as an extension of each company’s operation. We committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we have implemented policies and procedures to help meet this goal. Also, we use state-of-the-art technology and employ qualified staffs who work hard to achieve our mission. We take pride in our ability to recognize and respond to the needs of each of our clients by implementing programs tailored to their specific needs.


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