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You don’t have to struggle to get your item from one place to another. Express Delivery will be your point to point delivery solution for furniture, groceries, rush services, and same day deliveries. Contact us for quick pick up and dispatch

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For Immediate/ On call Order Services, Support / Contact Us using contact button the age Our business hours are 7am-7 pm ET, Monday-Friday. Tickets received evenings and weekends may take us a little bit longer to respond to..

  • Legal Deliveries


  • Bulk Parcels & Packages


  • Medical Deliveries


  • Business logistics Solutions


We make sure that your legal documents are handled with care and delivered on time. Whether you have an entire box of documents or a single document that needs delivering, trust our legal delivery service to help.

We meet the needs of sending high volumes of parcels/packages and products on a daily basis. We help wide range of businesses save time and money on their bulk distribution needs.

Express Messengers services the courier and delivery needs of the banking and financial Industry. We ensure same-day delivery of your financial documents by having them delivered on the next available Dispatch

Express Messengers gives both e- retailers and online shoppers a safe ground to trade. We provide storage, pick, pack and dispatch services, mainly for e-commerce businesses that are looking for a total solution for their multi-channel retailing